Improved Push To Talk Communication

The use of walkie talkies to communicate is not new. Security, law enforcement, and transportation companies, among others, have communicated for decades with these devices. They are easy, cost-effective, and faster than cellular telephones. Push to talk (PTT) improvements now represent the latest step in technological evolution. Companies can now communicate with people in the field or those in different locations clearly and efficiently.

Devices and Systems

Providers, such at Peak PTT, are utilizing cellular data networks to offer secured communication nationwide. Wherever there is cellular coverage supervisors, employees, and executives can speak to each other or all employees at once. The dispatch software allows instant communication and control over the whole system. The software is perfect when bases of operation are mobile for any reason.

The PTT Radio for each user is a 4G LTE device that will not need to be upgraded or switched out for more than a few years. New versions of smart phones are introduced every year. These devices are basically walkie talkies with SIM cards in them. They are ready to use right out of the box because the service provider will configure the radios to include talk groups. Devices operate in areas where cell phones may not have service. That can be due to range, geographical interference, or inferior coverage from a traditional provider.

Other Benefits

Because the entire system has minimal components, there are low start-up costs. Equipment is shipped directly to the company in a matter of one to two business days after the necessary information is submitted. Owners can go online for details and the contact number to discuss needs and options with a professional. Recommendations will be made, questions will be answered, and pricing will be quoted at that time.

The device has a panic button that indicates if the user is in need of medical attention or any other emergency services. This increases safety for those working alone, on electrical poles, on wind turbines, or any type of circumstances. A GPS location tracking feature is also included in the device. This is ideal when employes get lost, management wants to make sure everyone is accounted for, or the panic button is pushed.

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